Monday, March 9, 2009

How to cook the kabsa

If you want to cook the kabsa. You should following this step. First, take oil tomato and onionand cut it. Next put tomato and oil on and cut it. Next put tomato and little bit of oil a dishand heat for 3 minute. After that put onion in the dish and also wait 3 minute. Fourth put 2glass of water with chicken in the dish and wait for 30 minute finally put rise in the dish and tenminute

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Reasons not to own a Hummer

There are at least two reasons for not buying the huge, military-type vehicle called a Hummer. First of all, Hummer’s big gas hogs. Second, when gas costs $3 per gallon, it costs $100 to fill up a Hummer's big gas tank. Next, Hummers are bad for the environment. Also, the H2 model gets less than 10 miles per gallon of gas .After that in one year, a Hummer gives off 24,100 pounds of carbon dioxide, which is two to three times more than average cars give off. To sum up, for the health of year bank balance as well as for the health of the environment, don't buy a Hummer.
Reasons to own a Smart

The Smart will be the next "cool” car to own for several reasons. First of all the Smart is easy to park and easy on the wallet. Second, you can park two or three Smarts side by side in a single street parking space. Also, the design is eye - catching. Fourth the body is modern in design. Next, it has changeable door panels in stylish colors. Also, The European model gets 60 miles per gallon of gas, and the U.S model 50 miles per gallon. Seventh, it costs between $15,000 and $25, 000. Finally for style, economy and easy parking, the Smart is the car to buy.

111 - 10

2- I also saw a pair of black gloves.
3-Then I discovered a box of my photo when I was in al Khobar.
4- Next to it, I found a greasy paper bag with a lots of my toys inside it.
5-The discovery of my books did not surprise me.

110 - 9

1-The frightened hungry dog waited for someone to feed him.
2. The little black dog waited for someone to feed him.
3. My mother always bakes a delicious chocolate cake for my little brother's birthday.
4. For his tenth birthday, he received a new metal baseball bat.
5- The coach's enthusiastic, supportive manner gave the team confidence

110 - 8

2. Four shiny black limousines were parked outside the hotel.
3. The small red apple looked and delicious. Sweet, crisp, juicy.
4. Hundreds of happy cheering football fans ran onto the field.
5. The pretty new French teacher is from Quebec.
6. My father bought a beautiful, antique Persian rug as a twentieth anniversary gift for my mother.

110 - 7

1- The people want a smart, experienced, and honest leader.
2- Most students like friendly, enthusiastic, imaginative teachers.
3- I am tired of the cold, rainy weather.
4- I am looking forward to the warm, sunny, relaxing days of summer.
5- The prince in a fairy tale is, either, tall, dark, and handsome, or tall blond, and handsome.
6- A fairy -tale prince is never short, bald, and ugly.